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The benefits of Jacuzzi to your thermal centre

Key fact...

38% of jacuzzi searches

In the UK every month include some form of hospitality context

Benefits For Your Business

Thanks to the the benefits of combining Jacuzzi hydrotherapy with thermal water, your business benefits from a new form of wellbeing: - new guests to your business thanks to the extension of treatments offered, including the treatment of symptoms linked to stress the sports rehabilitation
- creation of new treatments, to focus on the wellbeing of the individual guest
- stylish and durable designs, including materials such as stainless steel 316L, which provides protection from the corrosive action of the thermal water
- versatile product range to fit your business requirements
- the Jacuzzi service

Key fact...

60 Years’ Experience

Patented ideas and technologies provides a truly unique experience.

Benefits For Your Employees

The Jacuzzi® Thermal H2O® range has everything you need to manage your treatments efficiently and easily:
- easy to use and programming of individual settings of the bath thanks to the touch screen
- no waiting time for your guests through optimum management of draining and cleaning cycles

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