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Considering where to put your hot tub

Hot tubs are usually enjoyed outdoors, under a gazebo or in a conservatory or garden building. Most hot tub users find that they use their hot tubs in the evening and into the night more than they thought they would, so it’s worth considering your view of your garden or the sky from where you plan to put your Jacuzzi hot tub. The best weather for using hot tubs is on a dry day, with a crisp cool breeze, so the English calendar is pretty perfect whatever the time of year.
When deciding where to place your hot tub, the following checklist will help you...

  • ✔ Move away from any overhead power cables.
  • ✔ Face a view you enjoy looking at.
  • ✔ Think of where will give you best privacy (ie bare trees in winter won’t help).
  • ✔ Consider a sheltered location to protect yourself from harsher winds.
  • ✔ Leave enough round around the hot tub for family activities and garden furniture.

Because of the combined weight of hot tub, water and bathers, it is extremely important that the base upon which your Jacuzzi hot tub sits can support this weight without shifting or settling for the entire time the hot tub is in place. The base should be smooth, flat and level.
We do not recommend placing your hot tubs straight onto grass, since it is liable to sink and move around. Instead we make the following suggestions:
Synthetic pads can be purchased from your Jacuzzi hot tub retailer. These can be placed to create a smooth, flat level surface which reduces movement. Wood decking with concrete foundations provide a good surface for a hot tub to sit on. You can also sink a hot tub into decking, but make sure you leave enough access to the hot tub cabinet in case you need to get at any parts. Patios or concrete platforms provide the best surface for your hot tub to sit on. There is no worry of movement or shifting.

Other issues to consider include keeping the pathway to your hot tub free of debris to prevent dirt and leaves being traipsed into your hot tub. Think about leaves and shrubs that hang over your hot tub to prevent leaves and petals dropping in the hot tub.
Jacuzzi domestic hot tubs are portable, so you can even take your tub with you if you decide to move house.

Getting your hot tub delivered, installed and set up

Once you’ve decided to buy a Jacuzzi hot tub, if necessary, our authorised retailer will arrange a site survey. This involves the retailer visiting your home to assess where you plan to install your hot tub. This allows them to pass on detailed instructions to the delivery team. They will also offer advice and further support at this point. Your retailer may also view your property using Google Maps for an overhead view of accessibility.

A site survey will check for the following:

  • ✔ Check the width of gates, doors and pathways to make sure your hot tub with pass through unobstructed. During delivery, the hot tub must remain on the delivery cart at all times, so you may have to remove fence panels or gates to allow a clear runway to installation location.
  • ✔ If the delivery route involves a turn, the surveyor will check the measurements at the bend to ensure the hot tub will fit.
  • ✔ Are there any gas or water meters obstructing the delivery route?
  • ✔ Are there any steps in the delivery route?
  • ✔ Are there any low hanging roof eaves, branches or rain gutters?
  • ✔ Is installation to be in a conservatory? How will it be ventilated? How will water spills be handled? Will furniture and walls around my hot tub withstand and resist water and moisture?

When a hot tub is in use, considerable amounts of moisture are present. Over time, this moisture may cause mould and mildew and damage to certain surfaces. Proper ventilation should be discussed with the engineer to create the best venting for moist and heated air that is associated with chemical emissions.
If the hot tub is to be installed on a second storey or balcony, consult a structural engineer to discuss the best way to support the weight of the hot tub. All filled weights of Jacuzzi hot tubs are available in our hot tub brochure. Special attention is required to plan for a hot tub intended for balconies and roof tops.
The use of a crane for delivery and installation is sometimes necessary. It is used primarily to avoid damage to your new Jacuzzi hot tub, your property or delivery personnel. Your local Jacuzzi® authorised retailer will be able to assist you with crane arrangements. If your delivery requires the use of a crane, the cost of the crane is not included in the standard delivery service.
Occasionally, a service technician may need access to your hot tub equipment by removing side access panels. To make access easy, create an installation plan with the installer that includes allowing for removing the hot tub access panel to easily reach any equipment and the control box.
Your hot tub will be connected to the mains by a Jacuzzi authorised technician. All hot tubs should be wired to its own dedicated electrical circuit with its own circuit breaker on the consumer unit (fuse box). You must ensure that the mains supply is ready for your hot tub prior to installation. Any other work required on your electrical supply must be carried out by an electrician. Make sure that the power supply to the hot tub is on a dedicated circuit, with no other appliances or lights sharing the power.

We also offer a limited number of lower grade hot tubs that can be fitted with a 13amp plug. Ask your Jacuzzi retailer about our 13amp hot tubs that are able to plug in.
Never use an extension cord of any kind. Using unapproved extensions can damage the hot tub equipment and void your warranty.
Your hot tub will be filled using a hose pipe and a set up routine will be demonstrated by the installation technician. You will also learn about maintaining your hot tub and managing the water by using chemicals. You can also download a copy of the Jacuzzi Chemicals Guide for further information.

Conforming to WEEE regulations

If you are buying a new hot tub to replace an old one, the old hot tub is classed as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

This symbol on electrical and electronic equipment indicates that at the end of its life; it should not be treated as household waste. All Jacuzzi hot tubs follow EU regulations and carry this symbol.

Each EU member is required to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment sent for disposal. The UK currently throws away around 2 million tonnes of WEEE which we should separate and recycle as much as possible. If WEEE is not disposed of, or recycled correctly, it could imply potential harm to your health and environment, especially if they contain hazardous substances.

To ensure safe treatment and increase the re-use and recycling of WEEE, we offer collection and recycling of your hot tub when you purchase a similar product from us. You can also take your old hot tub to one of our distribution centres. To find out how to do this, simply call the Jacuzzi Quality Department on 01274 654700 or email

If you are not purchasing a replacement then we would still like to encourage you to recycle your old hot tub by taking it to your nearest public designated facility for WEEE. We all have a responsibility to increasing recycling of WEEE so please think about this when disposing of electronic and electrical devices. See the government’s WEEE leaflet for more information.

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