The Jacuzzi Jets

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The Jacuzzi MX Jet Therapy Seat

This deeply contoured seat with cushioned headrest provides you with a soothing high volume, low pressure massage right in the lower part of your back. Relax into the seat and let our MX jets gently massage your lumber area, just where you need it.

The Jacuzzi Therapy Lounger Seat

This seat is designed to distribute body weight evenly for an effective massage across your upper body, legs and feet. Let the four FX2 spinner jets work their magic across your shoulder blades and the MX jets work up and down your back, you’ll feel the stiffness and stress ease away. The bubbler jets on your calves invigorate your legs while the muscles of your feet experience therapeutic relief.

The Jacuzzi FX Therapy Lounger Seat

Available only on the Jacuzzi J-LXL hot tub model, this lounger features FX jets that work harder on your legs and calves.

The Jacuzzi FX10 Jet Therapy Seat

Ten FX jets are set into the seat for maximum therapy and versatility. Stimulating, spiral action jets with adjustable pressure, massage your back and neck like you’d experience at a spa. A favourite among our customers, the FX10 seat really helps you unlock tension and stress collected in your neck and back. Personalise your massage by controlling the pressure and direction of each individual jet.

Jacuzzi Soaking Seat

Sink into this comforting seat and enjoy the Water Rainbow® or WaterColour® waterfalls trickle gently over your shoulders. Jacuzzi hot tub waterfalls are backlit with different colours too, setting your mood as you relax into the night with chromatherapy.

Jacuzzi FX2S Therapy Seat

Enjoy a deep massage across your shoulders and down your spine from a series of 2 or 3 FX2S spinner jets. A number of hot tub seats feature the FX2S jets as they deliver a vigorous massage without having moving parts. The distinct spiral action produces a surging stream of air and water that provides an intensive hydrotherapy massage.

Jacuzzi RX Therapy Seat

Unwind with the luxurious spinning action of the Jacuzzi RX pampering jet. Covering a large spectrum, it provides premium hydro massage of the key muscles across the middle of your back. Soothe aches and pains around the kidney area or the backs of your arms.

Jacuzzi IX Foot Jets

This illuminating jet is only available on Jacuzzi J400 series models. It creates a dramatic impact when evening arrives; maximum airflow is combined with a high-output LED light to create a unique champagne effect. The bubbles give your feet a relaxing reflexology massage, while a multi-hue light carries them to the surface.

Jacuzzi PX Jets

Available on some Jacuzzi J400 series hot tubs, the PX jets target your hands and wrists. The massage is a gentle pulsating effect, which can be adjusted in strength according to your needs. Find them on the lounger seat and enjoy a hand massage while stretching out for a full body massage.

Jacuzzi Transition Seat

Functioning as an internal step to access your hot tub, or an extra seat, the transition seat allows you to sit comfortably with your shoulders out of the water. If you fancy a chance just to cool down a bit without getting out completely, this is the seat for you. Relax and unwind in between massages. Some of our transition seats feature a lit logo too.

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