Why Our Customers Love Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

why our customers love jacuzzi hot tubs
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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Family

Jacuzzi hot tub can become a focal point for all the family. Complete with marine standard entertainment system including Radio, MP3, iPod and USB connections, your new hot tub can provide hours of fun and a great opportunity to relax and catch up with your loved ones.



Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Hydrotherapy

There is no better way to unwind and relax after a hard day than to step into a warm Jacuzzi hot tub. Hot tub owners know that Jacuzzi hot tubs are the best in the market for one very good reason. Hydrotherapy. Our technological team have been developing innovative hot tubs for over 50 years making us leading experts in hydro massage. All Jacuzzi hot tubs are ergonomically designed with numerous seating positions, each offering a different massage experience. You are free to tailor your massage using the adjustable unique Jacuzzi PowerPro™ jets system and diverter valves.




Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Efficiency

Jacuzzi hot tubs are energy efficient because they are designed and manufactured with premium quality materials. All the components used to build our hot tubs contribute to the overall functionality and efficiency of running it. The acrylic used to form the shape of the hot tub is Tri-Fusion™ layered with ABS and foam to add strength and durability. The circulation pumps are low energy pumps and circulate the water continuously. Our Jacuzzi J-400 hot tub range uses a titanium heater which is quieter and retains heat better. In fact, our manufacturing process overall is much cleaner too – the Jacuzzi factory is a leading modern facility utilising a Thermal Regenerative Oxidiser during production; a greener practise which neutralises 99% of off gases that might ordinarily be released into the environment and contaminate ground water.




Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Filtration

Jacuzzi hot tubs are fitted with a ProClear™ water management system, which manages the flow of the water around your hot tub. Filtration cycles can be set to work around the clock keeping your hot tub water clean. The larger hot tubs have 4 stage filtration systems including water skimmer but all Jacuzzi hot tubs include sophisticated filtration systems with large pleated filters that continuously work to trap unwanted debris from the water. Filtration cycles differ depending on the hot tub you choose, but all boast high-volume, low-watt circulation pumps, delivering clean water and a low energy bill.

built to last 



Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Manufacturers warranty

Jacuzzi hot tubs are fully guaranteed against manufacturing defect by Jacuzzi Worldwide HQ. While other brands leave their dealerships to manage warranties and repairs, Jacuzzi UK know how important it is to support all of their customers. Each Jacuzzi hot tub carries a standard warranty of 2 years. This may be increased significantly when you register your warranty online. In addition to offering strong guarantees on Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, we have also developed teams of engineers across the country. Our engineers are specially trained to help customers with any repairs or replacements quickly so that they can continue enjoying the very best from their hot tub. Rest assured that Jacuzzi UK has a team of hot tub engineers ready to answer any of your questions.

manufacturers warranty 



Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Innovation

The hot tub industry is one that is forever changing and at Jacuzzi, we prefer to be making the changes rather than keeping up with them. We constantly upgrade our hot tub models every year, making them better, more comfortable, better value for money and especially more innovative. In fact, Jacuzzi have over 250 worldwide patents for advancement in pump systems, jet technology, air controls and product design.




Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Satisfied customers

It is always fun to hear good news from our customers and their satisfaction with their new Jacuzzi hot tub. We receive photographs from customers delighted with their new garden feature and we share these locally where possible. All Jacuzzi hot tubs have a unique serial number, meaning we can identify each one and our guarantee registration process also means we can identify new owners too. We have an online Jacuzzi Owners Club which encourages customers to become part of the family and share their hydrotherapy experiences. (See our customer testimonials).

satisfied customers 




Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - History

In 1956 the Jacuzzi brothers invented a portable hydrotherapy pump which launched an industry. This pump was the beginning of the Jacuzzi hot tub J-300 collection. In the 1970’s the Jacuzzi family developed the concept further and designed the first hot tub. With over 50 years of experience in design and hydrotherapy innovation, we never forget the spirit of the Jacuzzi brothers who constantly strived to continue improving the hydrotherapy experience of using a hot tub.




Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Brand

Jacuzzi is not a product, it’s a brand. The whole world knows our name simply because it is the best you can buy. Do not mistake it for any hot tub however, there are distinct differences that make a hot tub Jacuzzi branded. We’re proud to demonstrate over 50 years of design, hydro-technology and expertise through delivering brand values that are synonymous with supreme quality and luxury. With BISHTA, SPATA and WhatSpa recognition in the UK and APSP, SpaSearch and America’s Top Hot Tub & Spa accreditation in the US, you can have peace of mind that you’ll not buy a better hot tub.



Customer Testimonials

David Connolly

We are very happy with our Jacuzzi purchase. We use it most days or evenings and find it great for bringing family and friends together. It's also nice that my wife and I get to use it. From a personal point of view the Jacuzzi hot tub is very therapeutic providing much relief from stresses and discomforts I get from wearing prosthetic limbs. The aftersales has been good too.

Gez Edis

In the warmer months we used the tub every day, and in the winter months we use the tub as often as possible. We are both pleased that we made the investment and have no hesitation recommending a Jacuzzi hot tub and friendly customer service.

Richard and Maria Parrott

Thank you for all the assistance and advice you and the rest of the Jacuzzi team gave us concerning the purchase of our Jacuzzi hot tub and additional chemicals we required. The friendly manner along with all the knowledge and advice we were given helped us to finally decide on the J230CD which we are thoroughly enjoying, especially on these cold clear winter nights. Since purchasing our hot tub from Moonraker leisure we unwind in it most evenings. We have found it to be a far superior experience compared to hot tubs at hotels and leisure centres. It has proved that our investment in a quality hot tub has been the right choice. We are very confident that we will get many many years of enjoyment from it. The installation service that Tom and Lee provided was excellent. They had a very tricky route, including a brick wall, to negotiate to install the hot tub in its location within the surrounds of our swimming pool. They filled the hot tub and demonstrated its features before leaving. It is safe to say that we would recommend Moonraker Leisure and Jacuzzi to anyone wishing to purchase a top of the range hot tub.

Tracy Thoroughgood, Sevenoaks

I have had my Jacuzzi hot tub now for 5 months and my family and I are in it at least 5 times a week. My husband's hobby is cycling and after every ride there's nothing better than to slip into our Jacuzzi hot tub. The jets are positioned perfectly for the muscle groups my family and I needed, we found that when we researched other companies, their hot tubs were stuffed with jet after jet. The advice given by Moonraker Leisure was true, in fact that you can't have quantity over quality.

NR, Sevenoaks

Getting a Jacuzzi hot tub has been one of our best decisions. We use it almost every day and it is particularly useful to us as a family who play a lot of sports, for recovering after a game of football or rugby. My husband has recently had a major knee operation and the hot tub was really instrumental in his rehabilitation. For me, if I have a hot tub massage in the evening, not only does it really help me unwind but I also sleep much better, a problem I have struggled with on and off for a number of years. 

Michael – Surrey

I've just had a major replacement joint surgery and the recovery is being accelerated by using my Jacuzzi; end of day stress relief is great if done an hour before bed as it provides a deep level of relaxation which is aiding a deeper sleep pattern. The diversity of jets and massage options, plus the size of the unit means virtually all the exercises previously done in a cold swimming pool can be replicated in a warmer supportive medium, which aids joint articulation. The J470 has made such a difference to me, thank you for your help, your honesty and professionalism.

Claire, Rustingdon, Sussex

I bought my J210 hot tub over 12 months ago on Jacuzzi finance, and it still amazes me how little it costs versus the pure pleasure and relaxation I get from it. I'm paying around £80 a month - which compared to my former gym and spa membership is nothing! The hydrotherapy benefits I get from the tub are superb so I also save money by no longer needing to see my Chiropractor! Running my own business means my working incredibly long hours - having the spa in my garden is a great everyday way to make sure I take 20 minutes time out and just relax - no phones, no computer - bliss! It's changed my life - what a great way to de-stress! My staff wouldn't let me be without the hot tub anymore!

David & Joyce, Banstead Surrey

The style and size of the J315 fits superbly in our garden. We bought the Jacuzzi Hot Tub primarily for relaxation. For a couple of years I have slept lightly, I have used the Jacuzzi hot tub last thing at night and have slept soundly! We visited the new showroom at Woodcote Garden Centre then researched it on the internet, we found them to be Professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Pauline & Graham, Ashstead, Surrey

We are very pleased with the J-210 hot tub and use it daily. We particularly enjoy the immediate availability for use and certainly feel more relaxed after using it. We also think it is helping with our aches and pains. Feel very decadent whilst in the tub with a small glass (plastic of course) of something warming. Big hit with our grandchildren and visits to our house seem more popular than ever! We bought the hot tub for relaxation together with an element of hydrotherapy for aches and pains.

Sara - Carlshalton, Surrey

We love the J335CD hot tub - it is so relaxing! We use it mainly at night before going to bed and find it extremely relaxing. Our friends have also used it and have said that it is the best Jacuzzi they have ever been in or seen! For the last few years we had thought about buying a hot tub and did not have anywhere locally to go to talk to someone, as would never consider buying a hot tub over the internet. After visiting the Showroom at Woodcote Green, we were so impressed with how friendly the Euphoria staff are, they were totally "un-pushy" in sales terms and really took the time to talk and listen to our requirements. The Jacuzzi tub is great; its given us relaxation, allowed us to be more social, and best of all allowed us to treat ourselves!

Joanna - Worthing

Since having our J375CD installed I feel far less stressed, particularly upper back and shoulders. My husband has less pain in his knees and we both sleep better. Your level of service, knowledge of the products and the helpfulness of your staff made the whole purchase effortless. Due to the extremely high level of service and the excellence of the product, we cannot see how improvements can be made. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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