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Peter Andre Loves his new Jacuzzi hot tub!

Did you see Peter Andre – The Next Chapter in June this year? After installing his new Jacuzzi® J470 hot tub, we asked him how he was getting on with his new party piece!

How are you enjoying your new hot tub?
How are you enjoying your new hot tub?
What do you like the most about it?
What do your family and friends think about it?
Did you know Jacuzzi was a brand name?
What do you think of it as a brand now that you know it is one?
What made you choose a Jacuzzi J470?
Is your Jacuzzi hot tub helping you with any ailments/recovery after sport/ sleeping/ relaxing?
Would you recommend getting a Jacuzzi hot tub?
How often do you use it?
How long do you typically use it for each session?
How would you rate the pre-sales / installation and after-sales service?
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