Can a Jacuzzi Hot Tub Really Still be Working After Nearly 30 years?...You bet! And still using the original parts too.

Tub Still Working After 30 Years
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If you're shopping around for a new hot tub this, you'll want to know where to buy a good quality tub that'll give your family years of entertainment and relaxation. Take a look at our range of Jacuzzi hot tubs and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I recently heard about a genuine Jacuzzi hot tub that was bought in 1983 by Pipescenes Ltd, a current authorized Jacuzzi retailer and it is still running! Not one to pass up the opportunity of a free hydrotherapy massage, I needed to try this for myself.

Armed with camera and swimming costume, we arrived at the retailer's showroom to find the aged hot tub sitting proudly in the centre of the outdoor showroom. The original wooden panels were discarded 4 years ago, but this gave us visibility of the original working items such as the heater and the jet pump. The jets were indeed the original Jacuzzi patented design and were flexible to tailor the massage effect.

It was filled, heated and was waiting patiently for us to try it out on that cool November day. Stepping into the old Jacuzzi model felt no different to stepping into a current model. Sitting comfortably and letting the warm bubbly water cover our shoulders was lovely. The single jetted seats were a simple design, but effective. They massaged our backs effortlessly with the familiar Jacuzzi jet stream mix of 50% water and 50% air.

Jacuzzi hot tub design has flourished over the years. Looking at the old model really highlights the impressive progress that Jacuzzi has made in the design and performance of a Jacuzzi hot tub experience. The style and panache of new raised curve profiles, ergonomic full length seating and targeted jet configurations have come a long way from the simple performance feature in the original Jacuzzi design nearly 30 years ago.

But as we sat in it, the benefits of a genuine Jacuzzi hydromassage felt as present as they do in the newer models today. Leading the market with innovative hot tub technology has been at the heart of Jacuzzi hot tubs since the first pump was designed over 50 years ago. Driving innovation requires high quality standards and performance measures. The parts used on Jacuzzi hot tubs have always been of a very high standard. They provide the reliability and confidence in Jacuzzi performance. The old Jacuzzi model at Pipescenes Ltd is testament to the quality of a genuine Jacuzzi hot tub.

Visit a Jacuzzi authorised retailer and see how a genuine Jacuzzi lifestyle would suit you.