Did you tune in for Hestons Fantastical Food 20th November, 9pm?

Hestons Fantastical Food
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We were really proud to be featured in an episode of Channel 4 Heston’s Fantastical Food along with approved Jacuzzi Hot Tub Dealer Euphoria Lifestyle last night!

Heston’s Fantastical Food is a brand new series which will bring back the wonder of childhood food memories and much loved food traditions on a monumental scale - set to awaken the child in every viewer.  Heston Blumenthal will combine his scientific expertise and culinary genius to re-create some fantastical treats in order to help remind everyone how magical food can be.

Along the way, Heston will break a few food records. He has already brought back the magic of the ice cream van with the world's largest 99 Flake and celebrated the iconic tea break with gigantic biscuits and the world's biggest pyramid tea bag, served in a suitably enormous teacup, which is where we stepped in!

We were really excited when we were approached by the producers of the show to see if we could provide a circular hot tub to create the World’s largest cup of tea in which Heston could conduct a dunking experiment.  Obviously we were intrigued at the opportunity and very happy to get involved in something completely different.  We were able to offer our circular J210 hot tub courtesy of Euphoria Lifestyle who already had a working model on display in their showroom at Woodcote Green Garden Centre.

So camera crews descended upon the showroom for a day of filming and experimenting at Euphoria Lifestyle.

Mike Robinson, Managing Director of Euphoria Lifestyle said:

We had a fantastic day with Heston and his team filming this rather crazy yet somehow still very scientific experiment of turning one of our Jacuzzi hot tubs into a giant cup of tea and dunking giant chocolate biscuits (1/2 metre diameter) into the concoction!  It took 160 tea bags and 4 litres of milk to achieve the desired effect, a few large dashes of Jacuzzi No Foam and we had to perform two complete water changes afterwards!    I think we can safely say that it was a World's first using a Jacuzzi hot tub in this way!

And the J210 hot tub has withstood the experiment and is still standing proud in Euphoria's showroom at Woodcote Green. Despite the giant biscuits disintegrating into mush within the hot tub, two water changes, a filter change and a good clean later and you'd never know they were there!