Excitement at the London Tri!

London Tri
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What a weekend it was for us at the Virgin Active London Triathlon EXPO!

With a fantastic attendance of around 80,000 visitors, including 11,000 competitors, we reached a vast amount of sports people and succeeded in educating them in the benefits hydromassage can offer and how it could complement their training/recovery regime.

The J480 took centre stage, enticing numerous athletes to jump in and recover after completing their events.  One tri-athlete who couldn't resist trying our genuine hydromassage said: This has been the best part of my day how fantastic a compliment is that when he had just taken part in the largest Triathlon event in the UK!

Another competitor who used the tub for around 15 minutes after her event returned to us the following day and said that she had felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after using the tub and her muscles didn't ache at all thanks to our hydromassage.

Overall the event was a great success, we were very much in demand for the whole weekend and we managed to convince an ideal target audience that anything else is just a hot tub!