Jacuzzi Spa & Bath at the Ideal Home Show

Ideal Home Show
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Sadly for the first time in 4 years, Jacuzzi will not be attending this year Ideal Home Show.

The world famous Jacuzzi® Brand offers a wide range of products which allow you to bring a luxurious Wellness experience into your ideal home. Whether your body needs to recover, rejuvenate or revitalise following physical activity Jacuzzi® Hydrotherapy will help heal your muscles and joints getting you ready for the following day and beyond.

The Ideal Home Show prides itself on bringing innovation and inspiration to the British public and Jacuzzi® are proud to offer a new way of enjoying wellness: a full range of saunas, emotional hydrotherapy and hammams to build up your personal wellness centre at home, with the creativity and the experience of the 60 years old brand Jacuzzi®.

Cloud, Frame, Sasha-Mi, Sasha : they won’t be visible at the Ideal Home show in London, but you can ask for more info HERE

Jacuzzi®  :Revolutionary design, Legendary Performance

The Jacuzzi Team