Jacuzzi Brand to Attend Virgin London Triathlon EXPO

London Tri
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We are pleased to confirm that we will be attending the Virgin London Triathlon EXPO held at the ExCel centre London, from 22nd-23rd September 2012.

We are avid supporters of the Triathlon event, an event that encompasses swimming, cycling and running, 3 disciplines that are enjoyed individually by a large proportion of our population and which impact on every muscle group in the body. As people seek to challenge themselves more and more, we have seen the rise of Triathlon as a popular sport and have been keen to be involved in the context of showing how hydrotherapy can assist recovery in training and support in both the build up and weeks after an event.

We were thrilled when recently Helen Jenkins, Women’s World Triathlon Champion chose Jacuzzi brands to supply her with a hot tub for that very purpose and we have steadily been building a twitter audience keen to learn more about how Jacuzzi hydrotherapy can help them to achieve their goals.

Appearing at the Virgin London Triathlon is a perfect way for us to come into direct contact with keen athletes, Jacuzzi brand experts will be on hand giving hydrotherapy talks and showing how a Jacuzzi hot tub or whirlpool bath can enhance your training and support your recovery.

At the show we will be sharing the positive benefits that Jacuzzi  hydrotherapy has offered Helen Jenkins and we will also be inviting visitors to the show to book a wet test appointment so that they can feel the benefits for themselves.

With 2 working hot tubs on show, the J480 and J335, both featuring the patented Jacuzzi  PowerPRO jets and a Conforto whirlpool bath on display, a whirlpool bath that has been designed with total comfort in mind, Jacuzzi UK invite you to experience the wellness and hydrotherapy benefits offered by genuine Jacuzzi  products.

Natasha McCreesh, Marketing Manager for Jacuzzi UK Hot Tub Division says it is really important to us that visitors to the Virgin London Triathlon have the opportunity to understand how Jacuzzi hydrotherapy can help them to train hard and recover strong. Stepping into a Jacuzzi hot tub or whirlpool bath can provide relief for aching muscles after a heavy training session, for athletes training for a big race it can support the build up in training and post race recovery. We truly believe that Jacuzzi hydrotherapy can transform your life

Visit Jacuzzi UK at stand L31