Jacuzzi Wellness Pops Up in London's East End

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25th - 27th November 2013, Ely’s Yard, 15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR.

Jacuzzi Spa & Bath Ltd are excited to be launching a new type of immersive pop-up in the East End of London that will feature early morning yoga classes, talks and lectures by leading industry talents, networking events, new product demos – and three nights of live music. All in an Alpine Ski lodge hidden behind a brick wall in the Truman Brewery car park.

The three day event will run from Monday November 25th to Wednesday November 27th and offers a totally fresh environment for architects, designers and hotel owners to find out more about how Jacuzzi brand is helping to shape the future of hydrotherapy with a range of innovative products designed to usher in a new age of private wellness.

But THE JACUZZI CLUB has also been created to reach out to new audiences – from health and fitness professionals to yoga fans, from the local creative industries to the non-stop workers of the City.

FOR ARCHITECTS we’re offering four linked CPDs about delivering the best possible private wellbeing solutions to their clients with presentations by DuPont Corian, Hunter Douglas, Johnson Tiles and, of course, Jacuzzi Spa & Bath Ltd. There will also be a talk by award-winning architect Mike Tonkin of Tonkin- Liu about the projects they have developed that seek to harness the power of water.

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FOR HOTEL OWNERS we will be hosting a panel discussion with 5 industry experts on the power of sensory seduction to persuade guests to return on a more regular basis. There will be a networking lunch hosted by Boutique Hotel News and an opportunity for 1 to 1 conversations with the Common Senses team.

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FOR INTERIOR DESIGNERS we’ve organised an afternoon of talks about how and why top designers like Daniel Liebskind have got involved with working with Jacuzzi on special projects. Award-winning Italian Designer Mario Ferrarini will be flying in to talk about his latest work with Jacuzzi and there will be an opportunity to find out how young designers can get a free Jacuzzi hot tub as the centrepiece of one of their projects.

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FOR EVERYBODY ELSE the JACUZZI CLUB will be offering 7am Vinyassa flow & Ashtanga yoga classes with Sarai Harvey-Smith, early evenings dedicated to celebrating the latest in ski fitness and fashion – then three nights of live music and DJ sets with the chance to enjoy the gigs from the vantage point of your own hot tub.

Each successive JACUZZI CLUB pop-up will be designed to help more and more people understand about the centuries-old history of hydrotherapy – as well as its modern day benefits as healthcare experts start to question the value of prescription pain killers over water-based wellness treatment.

We will also reveal the infamous history of the seven Italian Jacuzzi brothers who emigrated from Milan to the West Coast of America, to invent a new type of water pump to provide pain relief for one of their children and in the process, revolutionised modern hydrotherapy. The rest, as they say, is history.

For all booking information go to www.thejacuzziclub.wordpress.com/events-list

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