Only the best will do at Claridges

Inside Claridges
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We were really thrilled to see the J Sha Mi was featured in BBC2’s Inside Claridges on Monday night on BBC2 - proving only the best for the best will do!

Inside Claridges is a new fly on the wall documentary following the staff and guests of  the luxury 5 star £6,900  per night hotel, in the heart of London's Mayfair.

This exquisite hotel is favoured by Royalty and celebrities alike and has extremely exclusive clientele.  For the first time in its long history, this famously discreet institution has opened its doors to documentary cameras.

Claridges is as good as it gets.  Impeccable attention to detail is given to everything, and no guest’s request is too outrageous.  Monday’s episode featured a Pop Artist from Japan – their equivalent to Britney Spears, who usually travels with a crew of 35 people. She had booked the Pentouse suite within Claridges for an entire month (costing £8,000 per night) and specifically requested she have a Jacuzzi bath within her suite.

So at her request the manager of Claridges immediately ordered a J Sha Mi whirlpool bath from us! The J Sha Mi fuses the principles of Shiatsu massage with modern technology to provide a deeply revitalising bathing experience. It boasts 32 strategically placed Shiatsu jets and a 4 jet Jacuzzi® whirlpool system. A remote controlled radio and underwater lighting adds the finishing touches to complete the superior package of J Sha Mi.

Inside Claridges featured extensive footage covering our brand with general chatter amongst the staff, a specific management meeting to discuss the Pop Artist's request, and of course they showed the actual installation of the J Sha bath, before, during and after!