Shiatsu Massage from Jacuzzi®

Shiatsu Massage from Jacuzzi
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The J-Sha Mi is a unique whirlpool bath from Jacuzzi which replicates the pleasure and wellbeing that you would receive from your own personal masseur. The J-Sha Mi fuses the ancient principles of Shiatsu massage with modern technology to provide an extraordinary massage and deeply revitalising bathing experience.

The Shiatsu massage is implemented by means of 32 micro jets located along the points on the back. Two programmes of massage are possible, a synthesis of the age old Shiatsu philosophy and innovative Jacuzzi Technology. Fondling, which is a sequence of gentle and progressive jets and Tapping, a set of dynamic variations of intensity.

The pleasure of taking care of yourself in an environment that is beautiful in all senses is part of our promise of achieving harmony of mind, body and spirit. The chromatherapy feature contributes to this purpose, as does the soft head, neck and arm supports and radio to complete the total Jacuzzi experience.