The Jacuzzi Jets Targeting Where it Matters the Most

Jacuzzi Jets Targeting Where it Matters Most
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No one person is the same. We all have different needs and so do our bodies, so it was important for us to develop a range of whirlpool systems that would ensure every possible need and desire could be catered for. Whether you need some time out from the stresses of the day or your body needs to be revitalised after a gruelling training session, we have the Jacuzzi bath and an experience to suit.

With the flexibility to rotate each jet and apply as much or little pressure as desired, the Jacuzzi whirlpool system can be tailored to your every need, recovering your body to leave you feeling that every main muscle and joint on your body has been reached for that full body spa experience.

Jacuzzi  have created a Body Zoning guide which shows the 5 key areas that a Jacuzzi whirlpool bath can restore, revitalise and rejuvenate your body.