What does Hot Tub Britain mean to Jacuzzi?

hot tub britain
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Did anyone tune into watch Hot Tub Britain…? The ITV show focussed on “how the other side of the hot tub market lives” in a documentary looking at the Hot Tub Superstore, based in Blackpool.

For Jacuzzi®, the most important element that came out of the show was how it highlighted just how popular the hot tub market is, and how the perception of hot tub owners is changing.


Over the years the market has opened up to see families of all sizes buying tubs so they can spend time together, people with medical issues purchasing to ease their aches and pains, and people who just want to relax in their own space and enjoy the ultimate piece of garden furniture.

With over 50 years’ experience in the market, at Jacuzzi® we’ve got to know our audience pretty well. Our background and heritage shows that hot tubs are anything but a new fad, our customers have been coming to us for years because they trust in the quality of our products and our brand.

As a global leading brand, it would be easy for a Jacuzzi® customer to think they’d just be another number, but as a business we pride ourselves on knowing that every customer gets the best service from the moment they walk into one of the exclusive retailers, through to the installation and of course our impeccable aftercare.


At Jacuzzi® we are looking forward to seeing how Hot Tub Britain affects the sales of tubs in the autumn months and we would like to add…”There is only one Jacuzzi®…because there is only one Jacuzzi® brand”.