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omega header steam shower cabin


Minimalist yet liveable, the shower cubicle sweeps upwards with ergonomic linearity for a total volume of 100 x 120 x 221 cm, comfortable yet carefree. On the inside, the harmonious lines outlined by the seat accommodate the body in its sinuous curves creating a gentle cocoon effect. At the same time, the steam generator allows you to obtain the best performances of a steam bath, along with the vertical hydromassage functions, the hand shower and the raindrop fixed shower head and the caressing waterfall. For a total immersion in the Morphosis® bath concept, Jacuzzi® has also developed a sanitaryware line, ideal to create a living dimension to be experienced in its entirety. Beyond the concept of the classic bathroom, the “beauty-wellness” space created around Ωmega, in harmony with the contemporary home habitat style, has all the characteristics required to become the new living experience. Simply allow yourself the pleasure to live the exclusive Ωmega experience to the full and pamper yourself to wellness and vitality in a downpour of sensorial emotions.


120 X 100 X 225 cm



Product Features

  • - Thermostatic mixer
  • - Raindrop shower head
  • - Cascade
  • - Hand Held Shower with riser rail
  • - Vertical Lumbar Shower 4 jets
  • - Pre-set Steam Bath
  • - Aromatherapy
  • - Cromodream / Inside Light
  • - Alarm
  • - Roof
  • - Display touch screen

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