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Aquasoul Single

Aquasoul is the new Jacuzzi® concept that changes your way of experiencing the bathroom. A minimalist, refined and luminous design, a perfectly balanced blend of past and modern to welcome the body and regenerate the mind. An original technology that releases all the sensations and beneficial effects of water with extreme simplicity. New fittings and settings to suit any space and satisfy any desire. Listen to your desire for naturalness and tranquillity. Enjoy all the beneficial effects of the real Jacuzzi® hydromassage in a particularly delicate and fondling version. Let yourself go to the murmur of water and air: like the waves of the sea. Let your breath tune into the slow, harmonious and progressive rhythm of the flow of water that envelops your body. Tune into the universe while a gust of vitality restores your harmony and well-being.

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Dimensions (cm)
170 x 70 x 57
Built in lighting
Perimeter (Optional)
aquasoul 170 overhead

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