Aquasoul Extra 2 person soaking whirlpool bath
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Aquasoul Extra

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

Clean-cut yet soft lines, like an embrace that welcome the whole body. It looks as if it is almost hovering in the air, transmitting a feeling of lightness and dynamism. Greater depth and the possibility of accommodating one or two people with a quantity of jets that is optimal in both cases. Extra is a great star of the Aquasoul line, the only one that is also available freestanding as an alternative to the corner models. The innovative comfort of the gel headrests, the handy remote control, the safety of the disinfecting system, the enchantment of the led spotlight and of the perimeter lighting kit are still all part of the show. 
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Dimensions (cm)
190 x 150 x 60
Built in lighting
aquasoul extra overhead

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