ARGA® Swirlpool® Baths

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What Is Swirlpool®

A bath experience able to redefine the psycophysical harmony of body & mind

It can be defined by:

  • Slow
  • Quality
  • Sensory
  • Yourself
  • Soothing

The benefits of Swirlpool®

Constant Temperature

Enjoy a bath for as long as you want without adding hot waster. Water cooling is one of the main inconveniences that can spoil your relaxation while taking a bath. Enjoy the moment, not needing to think about anything else.

Circular Flow

The water flow follows the soft shape of the shell, enveloping the body as natural running water

Quiet & relaxing

A natural lullaby that, as the sea waves or flow of a stream relaxes the mind

Swirlpool® Features

Jet Technology

The Jacuzzi Swirlpool® Illumatherapty™ jets are fixed, integrated into the shell and create a delicate circular water flow inside the bathtub. The position is designed to optimise water flow.

Water Movement

Movimento dell'acqua


Can be percieved as water flowing, like the flow of a stream no matter the location

Water Temperature

The pump maintains the water temperature without additional energy consumption


Compatible with Jacuzzi Bath Salts & Herbs mix, and can be used with foaming products

Cleaning and Disinfection

The continuous surface of the bath tub makes it particularly easy to clean. The disinfection can be done manually or by adding a specific disinfection product to the water after use

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