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The J-280™ is one of the most spacious of the J-200™ collection, offering up to 7 seats with variable depth for the maximum comfort and hydrotherapic benefit, suitable for everyone.

It is equipped with 44 jets, strategically positioned to guarantee maximum efficiency and performance. The multicolor LED lighting, the waterfall and four headrests make using this Spa even more pleasant. The CLEAR RAY disinfection system with UV rays purifies the water and assures maximum hygene. The cover is included, and helps maintain the water at the desired temperature. Available with or without audio system.


229 X 229 X 94 cm

Seating Capacity

6-7 People

Product Features

  • - 44 jets
  • - 6-7 seats
  • - Waterfall
  • - 2 speed pump
  • - 1 speed pump (1)

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