Minimalist and contemporary aesthetics. Back hydromassage with fixed raindrop showerhead. Lowered Techstone shower tray. Height-adjustable handheld shower with multifunction jet. Steam bath and aromatherapy function.
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Mynima 140

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

More than a mere family of multifunction shower cubicles, Mynima is a free planning and space exploitation concept, a token to absolute minimalism and to the most evolved performances. An idea that expands, becomes more important and explores new dimensions with Mynima 140, a great novelty available in two versions: corner, that can be installed right or left to suit various spaces, alternatively, it can be installed back-to-wall, a highly-requested option for large and prestigious environments.  Even the position of the aluminium shower column is new: installed at the centre, it captures even more attention thanks to its design and technologies: the energy-boosting Aqua Feeling fixed rainfall shower head, the revitalising Enerjet jets that can be adjusted to three different operating modes, the vertical and dorsal hydrojets that massage the whole body and the steam bath with its purifying cloud of steam. The transparent tempered glass panels make the inside look even larger and remain sparkling clear all the time thanks to the exclusive Crystal Clear by Jacuzzi® treatment. The Techstone shower tray suits the environmental perfectly, transmitting pleasant sensations and ensuring maximum durability.
Mynima 140
  • 140 X 100 X 222 cm
  • Thermostatic mixer
  • Raindrop shower head
  • Enerjet Showerhead 3 jets
  • Hand Held Shower with riser rail
  • Vertical Lumbar Shower 4 jets
  • Neck and vertical shower 4 jets
  • Steam Bath
  • Aromatherapy
  • Alarm where available
  • Roof
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