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J-twin premium

J.Twin Premium possesses all the qualities of a great world-wide success. An ergonomic bathtub with or without a hydromassage and a large, tall shower cubicle with a tempered glass sliding door. A console panel including a full-length mirror, shelves, a fixed showerhead and a multi-function shower on riser rail as well as a vertical massage to pleasantly stimulate the whole body. Even the design, as well as being pleasing to the eyes, has been designed to give you space to fulfil all your wishes for relaxation and vitality.


170 X 70 X 236 cm



Body Zoning

  • Lumbar
  • Hip, thigh & knee
  • Legs & Feet

Product Features

  • - 1 Seat
  • - 5 vents optional
  • - 8 Vertical Jets optional
  • - Control panel
  • - Sanitising System Optional
  • - Shower head
  • - Sliding shower
  • - Mirror
  • - Water Filler
  • - Headrest standard on specific versions
  • - Lighting Optional

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