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J-Sha Mi

The research and innovation of Jacuzzi® blends with the age-old eastern wellness experience and legendary wisdom: this is where J-Sha Mi stems from, the only whirlpool bath with a real Shiatsu function. A rectangular large-sized bath, J-Sha Mi offers the experience of personalised Shiatsu massage: the IdroShatsu function, in the two Tonic and Relax cycles, allow you a standard, or alternatively, personalised treatment based on your body-weight and in terms of duration, speed and power. As well as this novelty, the Classic and Body Jet hydromassage complete the wide range of functions. The position of the overflow at the top of the bathtub favours total immersion of the body, optimising the benefits of each treatment. Also of note is the Cromodream® underwater spotlight, a kaleidescope of colours and wellbeing, and a practical remote control for easy programming of the Shiatsu functions. The refined chrome tapware superbly completes the fittings of an absolutely valuable bathtub.


180 X 90 X 60 cm




  • Back to wall
  • Corner

Body Zoning



  • Hydrotherapy
  • Entertainment
  • Relaxation

Product Features

  • - 4 TargetProâ„¢ Jets
  • - 32 Shiatsu sequential microjets
  • - AQS - Silence, Breath, Renew, Dream
  • - Cromodream
  • - 1 Headrest
  • - J.touch remote control
  • - Lighting / Cromodream®
  • - Sanitising system
  • - Concealed overflow
  • - Click Clack Waste

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