ClearRay™ water purification system

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ClearRAY™ New for 2012, the ClearRAY™ Water Purification System is standard on all models. If you have an older hot tub but want the newest technology in the water purification category, you'll need to purchase our ClearRAY™ retro fit kit. It can be fitted on all Jacuzzi hot tubs manufactured after 2006.

The ClearRAY™ system uses UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens, rendering them useless. ClearRAY™ will also help reduce the amount of sanitizer you use in your hot tub, providing you with clean, fresh clear water. Use in conjunction with Jacuzzi ProClear Mineral Cartridge.

For the cleanest, softest water possible. No more drying out, no more red-eye. Ask your dealer about installation and be on your way to clean, fresh, clear water.

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