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Camping d'Herbelon

Au bord du Lac de Monteynard, 38 650 TREFFORT
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Camping d'Herbelon
Camping d'Herbelon


We chose the Jacuzzi® brand first and foremost for the brand's reputation and our spa choice was confirmed when the Virginia spa of the professional range was presented to us. It responded in every respect to our technical and aesthetic expectations: overflow, ease of use, maintenance and water saving features. The refined design, the finish, the deep-immersion seats, the quality of the hydromassage, the integrated access step guaranteeing a comfort for the users were additional assets to convince us that we made the best choice.

Although the production time was fast, at around a month, yet the delivery access offered further complications with a crane required to sit the spa within the final location.

The feedback from our guests is very positive, they find the spa superb! Guests are very sensitive to the fact that we offered them a Jacuzzi® branded spa with legendary hydromassage. We have created a dedicated area for the spa so that our guests both feel good and they enjoy the stunning view of the lake.

The impact on our bookings is still difficult to quantify because the spa has been installed for less than a year, we will have a point of comparison at the end of the year but the trends are looking very positive.

In addition to our website to make a reservation within our campsite we have created a website specifically dedicated to the spa called Summer Spa and regularly update our Facebook page highlighting the fact that our establishment is equipped with a Jacuzzi® branded spa.

We are very satisfied with our choice and recommend it.

Camping d'Herbelon
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