Benefits of Jacuzzi® saunas & hot tubs to your Health Spa
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The benefits of Jacuzzi to your health spa

Key fact...

38% of jacuzzi searches

In the UK every month include some form of hospitality context

The Jacuzzi Brand

Choosing a Jacuzzi sauna means increased flexibility as the sauna collection offers a number of combinations, this, combined with low maintenance requirements, efficient energy use ensures a Jacuzzi sauna is an asset to your business.

Furthermore every Jacuzzi Wellness product has been designed and developed to offer the latest in innovation whilst providing a complete wellness path to your guests throughout the duration of their visit resulting in a memorable experience for your guests.

Key fact...

50 Years’ Experience

Patented ideas and technologies provides a truly unique experience.

Innovative Features

The Mood sauna offers a traditional Finnish sauna and a Biosuana which incorporates aromatherapy.

The Customer Experience

With 60 years’ experience and over 100 patented ideas every Jacuzzi product delivers a unique experience inspired by the highest sense of wellness for complete relaxation, rejuvenation and invigoration.

When you invest in Jacuzzi products you can be assured that your guests will receive a unique and memorable experience tailored to deliver the highest sense of pleasure.

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