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Wellness: where does it factor in your holiday park?

From family holidays to romantic couple’s getaways your guests rely on you to choose the finishing touches that make their stay memorable. We understand that the requirement of every holiday park is different and so we tailor a solution for your business which will deliver a heightened level of enjoyment from your guests as well as a memorable experience.

Entering into a partnership with Jacuzzi provides the perfect pathway to increase your business with increased occupancy rates and increased average weekly rental values.

Hot Tubs in your Holiday Park

hot tubs in holiday parks

Whether you are looking to provide your guests the ultimate in luxury with a private hot tub installed at their holiday home or create a shared wellness area for all for your guests, Jacuzzi commercial hot tubs provide the perfect solution.

Every Jacuzzi commercial hot tub meets the fundamentals of total wellness: Design, Health, Pleasure & Performance to provide an effective wellness path.

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