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Lodge M

Ideal for medium sized holiday homes, Lodge M provides seating for 4 to 5 people. Each seat has been ergonomically designed and provides a comfortable place for your guests, to sit back, relax and enjoy their hydrotherapy experience.

For complete flexibility Lodge M is available in three different versions, each of which deliver a unique hydrotherapy experience whilst each version has been designed to be as user friendly as possible with an easy to use control panel which will your guests more time to spend in the hot tub rather than trying to get it to work.

Suitable for freestanding and built in installations, Lodge M has been designed to be flexible and easy to maintain. Advanced features such as Quick Drain and Complete Drain allow you to quickly empty water from the hot tub to make cleaning quick and easy. Plus with the optional heater it is possible to drain, clean, refill and heat in just 6 hours.


Utmost Flexibility

To adapt to your requirements, Lodge can be used as a freestanding installation or built in.

Lodge is also available in three hydrotherapy options each offering a unique experience.

ready to go

Ready To Go

With QuickDrain and Complete Drain, Lodge drains in less than 20 minutes and is ready to be cleaned and prepared straight away, thus requiring less time and attention. A complete cleaning cycle can be completed and ready to use in less than 6 hours.

  - Quick Drain – 20 minutes
  - Cleaning – 30 minutes
  - Filling – 50 minutes
  - Heating & Sanitising – 240 min*

Total Time – 5h 40m

*With additional optional heating

all seasons

A Spa For All Seasons

Lodge can be fitted with a 2kW electric heater or a heat exchanger and thanks to the heating system it can be used outdoors all year round regardless of the weather.

For even quicker heating it is possible to add an optional 6kW (3+3) heater to the 2kW one.

energy saving

Energy Savings

The Trifusion shell and insulated cover which is finished with sturdy stitches and easy to grip handles, keeps the hot tub at a comfortable temperature by offing increased heat retention resulting in less heat dispersion resulting in less energy required to heat the water.

The optional Winter Pro Kit offers further thermal insulation reducing energy consumption even more.


Ease of Use & Access

The Lodge is provided with a wide deck that makes it and is wide enough to sit on.

The raised seat also features an anti-sip surface to make stepping in and out of the hot tub easier.


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Ergonomic seats provide a supportive and comfortable place to sit and deliver a customised massage individual to each seat. A further raised seat features an anti-slip surface for stepping in and out safe and is the perfect place to sit and cool down or is ideal for children.



Lodge is available in three hydrotherapy options each offering a unique experience.

Blower: creates a high amount of soothing bubbles creates an effervescent effect

Hydro: provides a deep penetrating massage that is perfect for the muscles

Hydro Blower: combines a deep penetrating massage with soothing bubbles

All jets and blowers feature stainless steel face plates which provide a refined elegance to your Jacuzzi® hot tub. The face plates enhance the natural beauty of water and create beautiful reflection of the LED lighting colors.



The Lodge offers the choice of heating system in the form of a 2kW electric heater or a heat exchanger.

The standard 2kW electric heater features a heating element that is placed in direct contact with the circulation water for maximum heating efficiency. This device converts the electricity from the mains into thermal energy, therefore all you need is water supply and socket.

The heat exchanger features a stainless steel heating element that is placed in direct contact with the circulation water for maximum heating efficiency. The water in the hot tub is channeled inside it, where it meets the heat originating from a boiler, a heat pump or a solar panel system. Without mixing with it, it exploits its temperature to heat up. Once it has left the heat exchanger, the water returns to warm it up.

For reduced water heating time a 6kW electric heater is also available as an option.

quick drain


A simple exterior fitting helps reduce draining time to enable faster cleaning cycle.

complete drain

Complete Drain

A system which allows for more water to be removed over traditional drainage. This means that less water remains inside the hot tub when draining is complete. Quick & Complete drain saves you time so that you can refill your hot tub and enjoy it more.

tri fusion shell

TriFusionTM Shell

Made using a proprietary acrylic, vinylester and polyester laminate process the TrifusiontTM shell offers increased insulation for greater heat retention and up to eight times stronger than ordinary fiberglass hot tub shells.

cartridge filter


Combining a cassette skimmer and paper cartridge filter ensures maximum filtration for maintaining the purity and quality of water whilst capturing surface impurities.

To reduce the filtration maintenance schedule the Performance Kit is also available as an option.


ProPolymer Foundation

A sealed pan that provides a solid foundation and is impervious to moisture and insect damage. The ABS base provides reduced maintainance as it will never rot or decay and doesn’t require paint or staining.

control panel

Control Panel

The easy to use control panel allows you to operate all aspects of your hot tub and displays the water temperature. A key lock option allows you to lock functions so that only the main controls are active during use.

led lighting

Coloured LED Lighting

The lighting system utilises LED lamps to produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs and last longer and cost less than other types of bulbs.

Lighting helps to enhance the look of the hot tub, creates a regenerating effect of the water and creates the perfect mood for your guests to socialise.

A number of pre-defined settings include:

Cromodream® - This cycle allows you to experience the entire colour range – colours appear in complimentary fashion, merging from one colour to the next, providing complete satisfaction.

Sunlight - A colour trio (yellow/orange/white), with short interspersions of sky blue and violet, reminiscent of the beneficial effects of solar light; yellow alternated with violet uplifts mood and improves general physical balance.

Relax - Formed of the following colours: blue/orange/sky blue/white - Relieves stress and encourages relaxation; the orange hue offers warmth in this sequence composed primarily of “cold” colours.

Fixed colours - You can also choose from the following colours, which appear in stable fashion: white, light blue, orange, yellow, green.


Thermal Insulating Cover

Designed for maximum heat and moisture retention the Lodge is complete with a premium cover made using marine-grade vinyl which also resits tearing and fading. Child proof locks help provide unauthorised access to the hot tub and also increase safety.

performance kit update

Performance Kit

An external professional filtration system made of a pump & quartz sand filter, this provides improved filtration and requires less maintenance compared to the traditional cartridge filtration system.

For example:
Paper cartridge requires cleaning at every water change and needs replacing every 3 to 6 months whereas the sand needs checking once a year to avoid agglomerated and needs changing every 3 to 4 years.

Sand is not included.

eco heat

Eco Heat

EcoHeat transfers the heat from the surrounding environment to the water, heating it up and maintaining the desired spa temperature.

With an ideal surrounding temperature of 20°C and a water temperature of 40°C, up to 75% can be saved on electricity bills compared to other traditional water heating systems.

Learn more about the EcoHeat system here


6kW Heater

The 26A 3+3kW heater provides faster heating over the standard 2kW heater, reducing the cleaning cycle.



A state of the art technology that sanitizes the water through the use of ultraviolet light and sanitizes 99% of all contaminants instantly. The effectiveness means the amount of chlorine in the water can be reduced by 52% compared to industry standard ozone. This helps to provide cleaner water with less maintenance, resulting in less odor, and softer skin for the user.

In order to remain effective the bulb must be replaced once a year.

winter pro kit

Winter Pro Kit

A factory fitted insulation wrap made of polyethylene expanded foam reduces heat loss which helps to reduce operating costs, reduces equipments noise and protects from moisture.

silverwood synthetic cabinet

Silverwood Synthetic Cabinet

The synthetic cabinet combines the beauty of natural wood, with the maintenance-free qualities of durable, UV-resistant thermal plastic. The synthetic material means no sanding, staining or sealing as well as being impervious to weather or insect damage.



The easy to install Covermate fixes to the floor and helps the positioning, lifting and flipping of the hot tub cover.

The Covermate is compatible freestanding installations only.

pro endure steps

ProEndure Silver Wood Stairs

A one step stair that helps you sit on the spa deck and offers easy entry into and exit from the hot tub. LED Lighting also ensures a safe and easy entry into and exit from the hot tub in the dark.


Did you know?

There are other products in the Lodge range, each offering different benefits.

Lodge L
220-240V 50/60 Hz
2x50 sq.ft.
Lodge M
220-240V 50/60 Hz
3,7A - 0,85kW
1x50 sq.ft.
Lodge S
220-240V 50/60 Hz
Blower 2,7 kW – 12A | Hydro 3,5 kW – 16A | Hydro+Blower 4 kW – 18A
2x50 sq.ft.
Weights & Capacity
Electrical Requirements
Water Management System
Optional Features
Colours (Shell)
Previous Installations

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