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Designer: Dodo Arslan

The new Spa dedicated to the hospitality field is the perfect space to share a moment of wellness, have fun together and free your mind. Inspired by the Nautilus seashell, the shell seems to be moulded by water and has a spiral shape.

The first freestanding Spa with this feature, Virtus™ is equipped with an integrated sand filter – an adjustment that makes the installation easier and more convenient, not needing to arrange external technical compartments.

Combined with the Jacuzzi® EcoHeat™ pump the electricity savings are guaranteed and with Jacuzzi® CoolPower™ the water temperature can be set as low as 10°C, perfect for hot climates and for after-training recovery.

The Spa is complemented by a thermic cover in marine-grade fabric, customisable upon request.

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Comfort & Hydrotherapy

The seven seats have increasing tilt and depth, offer targeted and complete hydrotherapy and are suitable to anyone, even children.
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Quick & Complete Drainage

Thanks to QuickDrain™ and the self draining shell, the drainage of Virtus™ is easy, quick and complete. This combination guarantees the maximum efficiency, both in speed and impecable results, avoiding any chance of stagnation.

Versatile Installation

Designed to offer you a complete and flexible installation solution, either above or in-ground.
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A True Infinity Pool

With an overflow grid and compensation system, the water is always at the desired level, without the need to constantly refill it.
all seasons

A Spa For All Seasons

Lodge can be fitted with a 3kW electric heater or a heat exchanger and thanks to the heating system it can be used outdoors all year round regardless of the weather.

For even quicker heating it is possible to add an optional 6kW (3+3) heater to the 3kW one.


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With 50 PowerPro™ Jets, Virtus™ guarentees the best Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy. The Jets, fully adjustable in power and direction, are aimed at different muscular groups and allow to enjoy the maximum hydrotherapy benefits.
performance kit update

Integrated Sand Filter

The first freestanding Spa with this feature, Virtus™ is equipped with an integrated sand filter – an adjustment that makes the installation easier and more convenient, not needing to arrange external technical compartments.
led lighting

Coloured LED Lighting

The lighting system utilises LED lamps to produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs and last longer and cost less than other types of bulbs.

Lighting helps to enhance the look of the hot tub, creates a regenerating effect of the water and creates the perfect mood for your guests to socialise.

A number of pre-defined settings include:

Cromodream® - This cycle allows you to experience the entire colour range – colours appear in complimentary fashion, merging from one colour to the next, providing complete satisfaction.

Sunlight - A colour trio (yellow/orange/white), with short interspersions of sky blue and violet, reminiscent of the beneficial effects of solar light; yellow alternated with violet uplifts mood and improves general physical balance.

Relax - Formed of the following colours: blue/orange/sky blue/white - Relieves stress and encourages relaxation; the orange hue offers warmth in this sequence composed primarily of “cold” colours.

Fixed colours - You can also choose from the following colours, which appear in stable fashion: white, light blue, orange, yellow, green.

quick drain


A simple exterior fitting helps reduce draining time to enable faster cleaning cycle.

self draining shell

Self Draining Shell

The spiral shape of the shell guarantees a quick and complete draining when emptied, avoiding stagnation.
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A state of the art technology that sanitizes the water through the use of ultraviolet light and sanitizes 99% of all contaminants instantly. The effectiveness means the amount of chlorine in the water can be reduced by 52% compared to industry standard ozone. This helps to provide cleaner water with less maintenance, resulting in less odor, and softer skin for the user.

In order to remain effective the bulb must be replaced once a year.

winter cover

Winter Cover

Designed for maximum heat and moisture retention Virtus™ is complete with a premium cover made using marine-grade vinyl which also resits tearing and fading. Child proof locks help provide unauthorised access to the hot tub and also increase safety.
220-240V F+N 50Hz - 32A 380-415V 3F+N 50Hz - 16A 60Hz available on request
6 - 7
Weights & Capacity
Electrical Requirements
Water Management System
Optional Features
Colours (Shell)
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6kW Heater

The 26A 3+3kW heater provides faster heating over the standard 3kW heater, reducing the cleaning cycle.
eco heat

Eco Heat

EcoHeat transfers the heat from the surrounding environment to the water, heating it up and maintaining the desired spa temperature.

With an ideal surrounding temperature of 20°C and a water temperature of 40°C, up to 75% can be saved on electricity bills compared to other traditional water heating systems.

Learn more about the EcoHeat system here

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CoolPower (heat pump)

Jacuzzi® CoolPower cools the water of your hot tub down to 10 °C (50 °F), allowing the use of your Spa in any kind of wheather and climate, all year round. Moreover, it delivers additional benefits for your body, especially after intense training.
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