Increase hotel revenue & occupancy rate | The benefits of Jacuzzi®
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The benefits of Jacuzzi to your hotel

Key fact...

1 million google searchers

For hotel with Jacuzzi® or spa per month

70% of online bookings

Are made on page one of searches

The Jacuzzi Brand

The first advantage is the name, Jacuzzi is the most searched word on the Internet by people looking for a hotel and/or wellness centre for business or leisure, associating yourself with Jacuzzi will make you come up first in search engines.

Offering Jacuzzi wellness services promotes the status of your hotel allowing you to charge a premium and helps to increase room profitability.

Key fact...

Over 50 Years’ Experience

Patented ideas and technologies provides a truly unique user experience

Innovative Features

The Mood sauna offers a traditional Finnish sauna and a Biosuana program

The Customer Experience

Every Jacuzzi commercial product is inspired to deliver the highest sense of wellness. Partnering with Jacuzzi helps increase the status of your hotel and allow you to attract new types of clients who are specifically looking to combine relaxation, rejuvenation and reinvigoration with hospitality.

You can also increase the seasonality of tourism within your hotel by offering Jacuzzi well-being packages that offer spa services throughout the winter.

Key fact...

10% Room Booking Increase

On average with the addition of shared wellness

25% Profitability Increase

On average at weekends with Jacuzzi products in shared wellness areas

Return on Investment

Working alongside a number of hotels across Europe we understand that investing in either private or shared wellness area provides a credible return on investment.

Our research we have found that adding Jacuzzi products to a shared wellness area has shown an average 25% increase on the profitability at weekends for visitors to the shared wellness area and an average of a 10% increase in room bookings.

Additional research has shown that adding a shared wellness area within your hotel attracts helps to attract new clientele with a particular focus on women and couples between 25 and 30 years old.

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