Hot Tubs, Saunas in your Hotel: increase your business with Jacuzzi®
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Where does wellness factor in your hotel?

By combining hospitality with wellness together you develop a great opportunity to increase your business and enhance the status of your business.

The Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel concept offers a strong and persuasive alternative to the big spa hotels and the prestige of wellness treatments from Jacuzzi commercial products enhances and heightens the enjoyment of a hotel stay to deliver a unique and memorable guest experience.

Hot Tubs in your hotel

hot tubs in your hotel

Jacuzzi invented the hydromassage, and over the last 60 years has researched ad developed new technologies and ides to deliver unique hydromassage technology in every Jacuzzi commercial hot tub.

Every Jacuzzi product is based on four values: Design, Health, Pleasure & Performance all of which represent the fundamental levels of total wellness, which is why every Jacuzzi commercial hot tub offers an effective wellness path irrespective of surroundings with solutions available for individual hotel rooms, private terraces and shared wellness areas.

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Saunas in your hotel

saunas in your hotel

Every Jacuzzi Wellness product is the pinnacle of technology and design applied to the latest trends in wellness and is ideal for creating a prestigious space dedicated to wellness in your hotel.

Jacuzzi saunas are designed to deliver a memorable experience for your guests and offer an effective wellness path. Furthermore Jacuzzi commercial saunas are designed for intensive use with minimal of maintenance whilst being energy efficient to reduce running costs.

Available in a range of sizes and seating combinations we can create a solution that can be used within a hotel room or shared wellness area.

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