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A range of hot tubs exclusively designed for use in hotels and resorts.

Every product with the Experience collection has been designed for intensive use and to create a beautiful and elegant sight in any shared wellness area.

The Experience collection of spas offers superior performance for users and businesses alike. For the benefit of users strategically positioned jets in every seating position provides a unique hydromassage whilst deep immersion ensures the entire body is submerged for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. For business advanced features such as quick drain, and sand filters help to reduce maintenance schedules whilst pumps and filters can be positioned up to 6 metres away for quieter operation.

The Experience is available in 3 sizes and configurations

alimia experience thumb

Alimia Experience

  • 6-7 Seats
  • 28 jets & 16 blowers
  • 237 x 237 x 98 cm
sienna experience thumb

Sienna Experience

  • 7-8 Seats
  • 30 jets & 16 Blowers
  • 257 x 219 x 98 cm
virginia experience thumb

Virginia Experience

  • 6-7 Seats (1 Lounge)
  • 34 jets & 16 blowers
  • 257 x 219 x 98 cm
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