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Port De Plaisance

Port de Plaisance

5* Holiday Resort en Bénodet

7 route de Bénodet Lieu dit Prad Poullou - Clohars Fouesnant, 29950 Bénodet
T: +33 (0)2 98 57 02 38

Port de Plaisance
Port de Plaisance


In February 2018, we had plans to equip some of our cottages with private spas.

We chose the Jacuzzi® brand and in particular the Lodge range as this spa range is designed specifically for outdoor hotels.

Our goal was to install spas in front of premium cottages with a capacity of 6 people. We therefore opted for the largest model in the range: Lodge L. This range also had the advantage of offering the optional "performance kit", that is to say, a remote sand filtration, which in our eyes was essential for the proper maintenance of spas.

From the moment the spas were manufactured and delivered, which took about 5 weeks, the turnaround time (installation, connection and start-up of the spas) was one week for 2 spas.

Lodge Jacuzzi® spas have been a real plus to our accommodation and our guests enjoy a fantastic experience; it is a place of private relaxation shared between friends or family.

The impact on our bookings has been considerable. Accommodation with Jacuzzi® spas are booked quickly, with many customers leaving a booking for the following year. With 14 weeks already pre-booked for 2020! The retention rate for our customers who have booked a Premium Spa Cottage is approximately 45%.

The Key West Cottage with Jacuzzi® Spa is one of our flagship accommodations. We highlight it on our website, in our camping brochures and we also show outdoor photos showing the terrace and the spa area.

We are already planning to expand the cottage fleet with Jacuzzi® hot tubs for 2020.

M. Nicolas LAHUEC, Manager
Testimonial Received 27/08/2019

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