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Mood M

With seating for up to four and dimensions of 200cm wide by 150cm, Mood M provides an intimate sauna experience suitable for installation within hotel rooms or small to medium sized shared wellness areas.

Bench seating across two levels provides a comfortable place for four to sit and relax, whilst the choice of Finnish and biosauna (which offers optional aromatherapy treatment) allows users the flexibility to choose their preferred experience.

When it comes to installation Mood M has been designed for complete flexibility, available in left and right hand combinations Mood M can be installed into dedicated enclosures, room corners or back against the wall with two sides showing with an additional, optional finished panel.

200cm w x 150cm d x 210cm h

hemlock construction

Hemlock Construction

Every wall panel, the floor, benches and accessories are made with durable, knot-free Canadian hemlock pine which is ideal for saunas as it does not warp even under extreme conditions. Hemlock also provides a pleasant climate inside the sauna and gives off an even heat.

wall panel insulation

Wall Panel Insulation

Made with a combination of rock wool and hemlock the wall panel insulation is 68mm thick and provides the best insulation helping to increase energy efficiency and reduce running costs.

rollable duckboard

Rollable Duckboard

The rollable duckboard floor is made with hemlock slats which can be rolled and removed reducing the cleaning time and providing simple maintenance.

tempered glass

Tempered Glass

An 8mm thick transparent tempered glass door provides an open view by allowing a passage of light into the sauna. In addition the tempered glass provides structural strength to the sauna and offers high levels of insulation helping to reduce energy consumption for lower running costs.

heavy duty hinges

Heavy Duty Hinges

High strength hinges are made of stainless steel which are ideal for heavy duty commercial use.


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wall mounted heater

Wall Mounted Heater

The wall mounted heater that uses stones that are made of a natural mineral called peridotite and is suitable for professional use and can remain in operation for up to 12 consecutive hours and can be used for both Finnish & Bio sauna programs.

twin program

Twin Program

Finnish Sauna: also referred to as a dry sauna, and is the traditional type of sauna, offering temperatures of approximately 90-95˚C and offers cleansing of the skin, speeds up metabolism, reinforces the immune system and beneficial to the circulatory system.

Biosauna: allows you to enjoy a pleasant sauna without the aerobic effort required that a Finnish Sauna demands and provides the opportunity to use aromatic oils to promote their benefits. Offering temperatures of around 50˚C with a humidity of 30-35% and promotes detoxification, stimulates natural rebalancing of psychophysical states and positively influences the mind and body.

multi height seating

Multi-height Seating & Stool

The Mood features bench seating at different heights which provides different temperatures ensuring users can find the optimum temperature. The stool available on S and XL models provides an additional low level seat and is easy to move for a comfortable position.

display panel


A visual display provides an easy way to configure your sauna including:

 - Power on/off
 - Sauna type
 - Temperature & Humidity
 - Operating Time
 - Lighting
 - Automatic Activation

Multi-languages offers complete flexibility and a key lock option offers complete control over all settings.



Integrated white LED lighting is located behind the backrest and under the bench which help create a warm and pleasant environment.

included accessories

Included Accessories

The thermo-hygrometer measures the moisture content in the atmosphere whilst the sand glass allows any user to measure the time spent within the sauna. A head and back rest provide further comforts to the use and a bucket & ladle offer convenience.

professional kit

Professional Kit

Designed for utmost safety by comprising a cover guard which prevents the heater from starting when items have been left on top of it and an alarm button which when pressed automatically turns the stove off.



Ideal for relaxation and add further pleasure by connecting a standard cable radio and allow your users to listen to music.

additional side panel

Extra Side Panel

An additional wall panel to be installed where installation is back to the wall and with both ends showing.

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