the wet test
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The Wet Test

Just like when purchasing a car, you would take a test drive before you committed to purchasing arrange a wet test of a hot tub is an important part of the purchasing process.

A wet test allows you to experience the performance that a particular hot tub offers, from the seating positions available to the jets, flow and more and if your main intention is to buy a hot tub for hydrotherapy then a wet test is the only way to ensure you are making the right choice.

Get the most from your wet test:

The west test is to allow you to experience what a hot tub is like to use, so remember to consider the following:


Is getting in and out of the hot tub easy and simple? Hot tub floors can be slippery and getting in and out especially for small children can be difficult, so make sure everyone can get in and out safely.


Try out all of the seats, different jet configurations provide different types of massage and you may find that you, your partner or other members of family have a preferred choice of massage. Trying every seat allows you find the correct type of massage and ensures there’s no disagreements over which seat when you get the hot tub home.


Is there enough space inside the hot tub for everyone to relax? Make sure that there is enough space for all, including space for all your feet. Also consider the level of immersion as your torso should be immersed yet not too deep that you can’t raise your arms up if you want.


Look for the right jets in the right place, large jets should target large muscle groups and small, high intensity jets for tight spots that carry muscle tension. Try the jets against your body rather than your hands, as hands are more sensitive than most of your body and often don’t reflect the true benefit of the jets.

The jets may give you a great massage but do they move you around in your seat? Correct seat design and jet configuration should ensure you are comfortable and don’t move around during your treatment. Be sure to try out every seat to ensure comfort and you’re not blown about.


Listen to the noise levels of the hot tub. When the jets are running expect some noise from the pump, but when the jets are off a top of the range hot tub will make virtually no noise when the water is heating, circulating and filtering.


The best hot tubs avoid unpleasant chlorine smells and skin-drying chemicals by utilising advanced filtration and water treatment technology. If you can smell strong chlorine smells during the test, then question the dealer as to why that is.

Ask Any Questions

While you’re testing the hot tub further questions will arise that you haven’t thought of before your test, the dealer should be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.