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The Delivery Day

Following the recommendations of the site survey the dealer will deliver the hot tub to your property.

An average standard installation will take between 2 and 4 hours, depending on water pressure and how long it takes to fill your hot tub. Installations with special requirements will take longer.


For a standard installation the dealer will position the hot tub in the location using their equipment.

Should your delivery require special equipment such as a crane or Hiab, it is your responsibility to organise these to be on site in time for delivery, the service provider will lift and position your hot tub.

Electrical Supply

Once positioned your hot tub will then be connected to your electrical supply, it is imperative that your electric supply has been tested prior to installation to ensure it is working, and that enough cable has been left from the isolator to reach the furthest point of your hot tub.

Filling & Training

Once connected to the electrical supply, your hot tub will be filled with water, a good dealer will provide a comprehensive training lesson how to use your hot tub, the features and the chemicals required and how to use them to maintain your water.