Hot Tub Seating and Capacity
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Capacity and Seating

Hot tubs are available in a multitude of capacities, from smaller two people designs through to eight people models. When choosing your hot tub to determine the best capacity you need to consider who will use your hot tub and what you will be using your hot tub for. For those who just want the family or are more focused on hydrotherapy a smaller capacity hot tub maybe better, whereas if you are looking to socialise then a larger capacity tub will offer a better solution.

Hot tub seating is designed to provide the most comfortable and relaxing experience, and seats are designed with ergonomics in mind for even weight distribution, correct posture support and most importantly full body immersion.

We highly recommend a wet test during the search for your hot tub, and during your wet test we suggest trying out each different type of seat ensuring you can get the complete experience of what each seat will feel like in your home.

Hot Tub Seating

1. Bench Seats

Designed to allow to sit in an upright position with your feet flat on the floor, where multiple bench seats are available check each offers a different jet configuration for different hydrotherapy treatments.

During a wet test check that you can move freely from one bench seat to the next.

2. Therapy Seats

These are designed for intense, comprehensive back therapy.

During a wet test note where the jets hit your body and make sure that placement and size of the jets target your desired muscle groups.

Hot Tub Seating

3. Cool Down Seats

These are designed to raise your body above the water line and allow you to adjust your body temperature when entering or leaving the hot tub.

As these seats are higher than the others, children can also sit comfortably in them.

4. Lounge Seats

These are designed to allow you to lay back and relax and provide jets that work down the body from shoulders to your feet.

During a wet test check that your body doesn’t float out of the seat, if your body does float out of the seat this means that either the seat isn’t deep enough or that your body is not correctly placed within the seat.