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Pumps are an essential part of any hot tub, pumps power the jets by pulling the water through to mix it with air then push through the jets. Most hot tubs will have a combination of pumps, one which powers the jets and another which circulates the water through a filtration system and heats the water up, larger hot tubs may have additional jet pumps to power more jets.

When choosing a hot tub, the pumps play a pivotal role in providing the perfect hot tub experience and we would suggest looking at the following:

Jet Power

When it comes to pumps, power is measured in horsepower, horsepower controls the pressure of the water coming out of the jets and the more jets you have the more horsepower is required to power them all. In a hot tub with more than one jet pump, a diverter allows you to control the jet power to particular seats for an improved experience.

Remember it’s not just horsepower than makes a difference to the experience, jet configuration and placement are also important factors to consider.


Traditionally hot tub pumps are either a one or two speed pump dependent on how many levels of jet power the spa has. For hot tubs which combines jet power and circulation through a single pump, a two speed pump allows you to set a low level speed to circulate the water through the filtration system when not in use.

The latest hot tub technology offers a variable speed pump, these allow you to control the speed of the pump and are generally quieter, produce less heat and vibration than their one or two speed counterparts.

Energy Use

Heating and pumps are the main sources of energy consumption in your hot tub and when it comes to pumps, a programmable circulation pumps filter the water efficiently and some help to reduce energy consumption by transferring heat from the motor to heat the water. As for jet pumps a variable speed pump offers the most energy efficiency as they can be set to any speed where as a one or two speed pump can only offer one or two set speeds.