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Today everybody is talking about hydromassage, many have it at home, but in the marketplace and in media discussion about these products (Turkish baths, saunas etc.) there is almost no information on the correct use of its applications, on its possible therapeutic indications, on the contraindications and on the reasons which tend to link these products to wellbeing.

Jacuzzi® wants to promote hydromassage products in general, together with saunas and Turkish baths through an “educational” campaign on Jacuzzi® products. 

In this context, it has developed “The new shape of wellbeing”, a scientific communi­cation project, giving information on hydrotherapy in general and on hydromassage products, saunas,Turkish baths and showers in particular, in collaboration with the European Associa­tion of Spa Medicine (A.E.Me.B), in the persons of Prof. Umberto Solimene, Chairman of the Association and Professor of Medical Therapy and Spa Medicine at the University of Milan and Prof.Arsenio Veicsteinas,Vice Chairman of the Association A.E.Me.B and Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Milan. 

Furthermore, Prof. Solimene and Prof.Veicsteinas, also belong to the Advisory Board of Jacuzzi Europe Spa, which will deal with the development of the communication activies regarding the wellbeing project.

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