Steam Shower Cabins

Designed to stimulate both the physical and emotional senses, Jacuzzi® steam showers and shower cabins are a complete wellness system.

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Shower Panels and Hydrocolumns

Vertical hydromassage

The essence of the Jacuzzi® shower and vertical hydromassage with maximum versatility and ease of installation, in a series of creations with an unmistakeable style. The use of materials such as polished steel and brushed aluminium, as well as the aesthetics and functionality of the large shower heads, make the Jacuzzi® shower panels and columns real design objects.

Multifunction Showers

The effectiveness of the adjustable jets and the thermostatic mixer, which keeps the water at the ideal temperature, offer the choice between shower or hydromassage.

Technology and Design

The immediacy of the shower with the functions of hydromassage. The hydromassage shower columns complete your Jacuzzi® space. Characterised by minimalist rigour, they offer an idea of lightness, compactness and multi-functionality. The element that characterises them is the large shower head. They are versatile and offer you maximum freedom of setting. Equipped with Jacuzzi® vertical hydromassage with invigorating Body Jets, they also have a handheld shower head. Thanks to technological and formal research and exclusive experimentation with styles and functions, Jacuzzi® combines cutting-edge materials with contemporary design to create an experience that goes beyond the concept of a shower to offer all the regeneration, creativity and fun of water.