Jacuzzi® Bathrooms
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Whirlpool Baths

The Whirlpool Baths are the emblem of the brand

The original invention that began the Jacuzzi® world. Superior in terms of sturdiness, they personalise any setting and are a perfect fit anywhere. They are an ideal blend of luxury and wellness.


We’ve been defining the way people relax for a lifetime and time spent in one of our bath tubs or showers is the culmination of a pioneering history, unrestrained design ambition and the desire to bring you an experience that you’ve never had before and will want to soak up day after day.


By incorporating our hydrotherapy technology into exquisitely designed whirlpool bath tubs and shower cabins, we are able to give you a massage experience in a setting that has true distinction. Combine all this with the perfect water temperature and our bath tubs and shower cabins deliver an optimum experience that makes you and your home, look and feel amazing.