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Aquasoul Double

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

The Aquasoul Double has a headrest at each end of the bath to accommodate two people and yet not overtake the main bathroom space. It is the perfect solution for those who require a premium whirlpool bathtub but who may not have the space to fit a corner or wide bath.
This design has all the great qualities that Jacuzzi
® are known for, in particular the genuine hydromassage it offers.
Aquasoul Double is a great way to spend quality time and this whirlpool bath truly allows you to relax and unwind. The remote control does everything for you at the touch of a button – controls lighting, the jets and their intensity and even after your bath the sanitising system is kick started through the remote control.
Enjoy all the benefits of this premium whirlpool bathtub with only minimum effort needed.
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Dimensions (cm)
190 x 90 x 57

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