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Concentrated in to compact design the J-315 is a 3 person hot tub which provides all the benefits of hydroptherapy and features of larger hot tubs. The smaller footprint makes the J-315 the ideal hot tub for the smaller home, or in a garden where space is limited.

With 2 seats and a lounge, the J-315 3 person hot tub is ideal to step into and instantly relax, submerse yourself into the water and allow the 21 PowerPro® jets to sooth the stress of the day away and deliver the perfect home hot tub experience.

Features you would expect to find on larger hot tubs are also integrated into the compact design of the J-315 including ClearRay™ water treatment technology and SmartSeal™ insulation which helps to increase energy efficiency by reducing the amount of energy to keep the water in your spa warm.


193 X 168 X 81 cm



Body Zoning

  • Legs & Feet
  • Mid-back
  • Shoulders


  • Hydrotherapy
  • Relaxation

Seating Capacity

3 People

Product Features

  • - 3 seats (1 lounge)
  • - 3 Illuminated Headrests
  • - 21 jets
  • - Waterfall
  • - LED control panel
  • - LED prolites system
  • - Bluewave Spa Stereo System (optional)
  • - ClearRay™ Water Purification System
  • - 2 speed pump
  • - Circulation pump
  • - Smart Seal
  • - Oval grill

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