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Register Your Spa

Register Your Spa

Register your spa and activate the additional “shell & skirt” warranty
(Please read the general conditions to see if you qualify)

Finding your serial number:

The serial number of the spa is found on the label fixed within the technical compartment on both the Premium and Italian Design collections. In addition, on the Italian Design collection, the serial number can also be found on the Warranty Certificate attached to the product.

An example of a serial number from the Premium collection: the label shows the writing XA358BSD-100456789-0516, the serial number to enter is the central number with 9 digits, in this case 100456789.

An example of a Premium collection serial number

An example of a serial number from the Italian Design collection is: WA544369 - the label shows an alphanumeric code consisting of 2 letters and 6 numbers

Additional “Shell & Skirt” Warranty

Jacuzzi® Europe S.p.a. is offering customers who have purchased selected spas manufactured from the 1st of January 2018 to the 1st of March 2019 additional assistance in addition to the conventional warranty attached to the product.

The promotion is valid on spas listed in the general terms and conditions “Shell & Skirt” Supplemental Service and purchased, installed and used by the consumer within European Union countries (excluding France, Ireland and the UK), upon online registration of the purchase.

This additional warranty ensures that the shell and synthetic panelling will not show any defects in the material and workmanship as described in the general conditions "Shell & Skirt" Supplementary Assistance.

To activate the additional warranty, simply complete the form with information about you and your spa.

Upon submission of your data you will receive an email with the registration of your additional “Shell & Skirt” warranty to be printed and attached to the document proving the purchase / delivery (eg. receipt, delivery note) and to be presented to the technician in the case of a fault.

To be eligible for the additional “Shell & Skirt” warranty, the spa must be registered within 30 days from the date of purchase, within the promotional dates and comply with the relevant general conditions. Otherwise the registration email and the shell warranty certificate are null and void. By completing the registration form, the customer accepts the general terms and conditions of the "Shell & Skirt" Supplemental Service.

This warranty does not limit or exclude or prejudice the right of the consumer to benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity recognized by the EU and national regulations, or the conventional guarantee offered by Jacuzzi® Europe S.p.A., but constitutes an additional free service to the consumer.


1) This document contains the general additional support terms and conditions known as “Shell&Skirt” (hereinafter “Additional Support” or “warranty”), offered to the customer by Jacuzzi Europe S.p.A., with legal headquarters in I-33098 Valvasone Arzene (PN) – S.S. Pontebbana Km 97,200, exclusively for products manufactured as of 1 January 2018, as specified in full under point 2 below, purchased, installed and used by the consumer within the countries of the European Union (excluding France, the United Kingdom and Ireland), for domestic uses or uses unrelated to any business or professional activity in which the consumer may be involved.
This warranty does not limit, exclude or prejudice the consumer’s right to benefit from the legal conformity warranty, recognised by national and European legislation, or the standard warranty issued by Jacuzzi Europe S.p.A. (hereinafter “Jacuzzi” or “the manufacturer”), instead it is an additional service offered free of charge to the consumer on the basis of the following conditions.

2) Additional Support is offered by Jacuzzi exclusively for the following products, purchased by the consumer as of 1 March 2019:
a) Jacuzzi® “Italian Design” collection hot tub, models: Delfi, Delos, City, Flow, Santorini, Profile, Unique, Alimia, Virtus, Oxia, Enjoy, Virginia Experience, Sienna Experience and Alimia Experience;
b) Jacuzzi® “Premium” collection hot tub, series: J300, J400, J500 and JLX.
For this Additional Support to be valid, both the date the product was purchased by the consumer (as shown on the invoice or similar valid document serving as proof of purchase) and the date of product manufacture must be clearly legible and not in any way altered or tampered with by the consumer.
The date of manufacture is indicated in the alphanumeric string that makes up the product serial number as follows:

  • for the “Italian Design” collection, the date of manufacture is indicated by the first letter in the string (for example: Y – indicates the year of manufacture 2018; Z – indicates the year of manufacture 2019; A – indicates the year 2020. Below is an example of an alphanumeric string: YA544369, in which the initial “Y” indicates the year of manufacture as 2018);
  • for the “Premium” collection, the date of manufacture is indicated by the last two digits in the numeric string that makes up the product serial number (for example: 18 – indicates the year of manufacture 2018; 19 – indicates the year of manufacture 2019; 20 – indicates the year of manufacture 2020. Below is an example of a numeric string: 100456789-0518, in which the last two digits “18” indicate the year of manufacture as 2018).

3) This Additional Support, which takes effect as of the expiry date of the standard warranty offered by Jacuzzi (hereinafter “expiry date”), is valid:

a) for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months, starting from the expiry date, exclusively for the following models:

  • J300 and JLXL, in the “Premium” collection;
  • Delfi, Delos, City, Flow, Unique, Alimia, Oxia and Santorini in the “Italian Design” collection;

b) for a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive months, starting from the expiry date, exclusively for the following models:

  • J400 and J500, in the “Premium” collection;
  • Profile, Enjoy, Virginia Experience, Sienna Experience, Alimia Experience and Virtus in the “Italian Design” collection.

This Additional Support is only valid for the consumer that originally purchased the product and registered the product correctly as per point 4) below, and is not in any way transferable to third parties.

4) For this warranty to be valid, the consumer must have registered the product purchase previously by visiting and accessing the relevant section of the website, within thirty 30 days of the date of purchase of the product, printing the certificate generated automatically following registration and sent via email, according to the information provided by the consumer during registration.
If the product data entered do not conform to the terms and conditions of the Additional Support, the consumer shall not have any right to benefit from this warranty, and any other support requested by the consumer shall be performed by authorised Jacuzzi technicians with the buyer being debited the related costs (for travel and labour as well as materials), according to the rates applied by authorised Jacuzzi technical service centres. In these circumstances, the related certificate generated automatically after registering the product and sent via email shall be considered null and void.
Jacuzzi reserves the right to check whether the product is covered by a valid Additional Support warranty.

5) In order to avail of this warranty, the consumer – after having previously registered the product correctly as per point 4) above – shall contact the authorised Jacuzzi service centre for the area where he/she lives or the authorised Jacuzzi distributor sales network (to consult a list, please visit, providing the name of the product model requiring work, the product serial number and the date of purchase as stated on the invoice or equivalent valid proof of purchase (to be shown to the technician before the work is performed under warranty, together with the certificate generated following registration as specified in point 4 above, and a form of documentation proving the date and place the product was delivered), as well as a detailed description of the claimed defect.

6) An authorised technician shall be sent as soon as possible, within the limits of the organisational requirements of the service, the availability of spare parts and/or other events of force majeure (by way of example: logistical difficulties or adverse weather conditions).
Once the defect has been reported in line with the terms in point 5) above, in order for the authorised technician to perform the work under warranty, the consumer must first allow free and unlimited access to the product and its components, avoiding any behaviours that may worsen the claimed defect and/or cause further damage to product parts/components or in any way cause damage/injury to property and/or people. Should the product be located on a site that is difficult to reach via road and/or be installed in a place that is not easily accessible and/or be installed together with valuable materials or as part of masonry work and/or tiling, all costs (for labour and materials, including disassembling/refitting, removing and relocating the product and its components) shall be borne by the consumer in full.
It is understood that where, upon consumer request, an authorised Jacuzzi technician performs work that does not fall within the operational conditions of this Additional Support, the relative costs (both for labour and materials) shall be borne by the consumer in full.

7) This warranty is valid only where the product is installed and connected up to the electrics and water mains in strict compliance with the indications and requirements stated in the Jacuzzi usage instruction manual and/or in other equivalent Jacuzzi documentation or in any Jacuzzi documentation containing warnings regarding product installation, use and maintenance (hereinafter “Jacuzzi Documentation”).
This warranty shall be invalidated where components or other parts of the product are modified with respect to the original supply conditions.

8) This Additional Support warranty guarantees exclusively that:

  • the product shell does not have a manufacturing defect that causes water leakage caused by defects in the shell structure or bubbles, cracks or delamination on the internal surface of the shell;
  • the side panels on the product made from synthetic material do not have any manufacturing defects. The side panels on the product made from a material that is not synthetic are therefore not covered by this warranty.

9) If a product manufacturing defect as per point 8) above is found and confirmed during the period covered by the warranty, the consumer shall have the right to have the product repaired to restore conformity. The cost of labour and the materials needed for the repair shall be borne by Jacuzzi, with the exception of the travel costs which shall be borne by the consumer in full.
Where, at Jacuzzi’s exclusive discretion, the repair is objectively impossible or excessively onerous, the manufacturer shall replace the product in full or in part, with the same type of product or another product with similar characteristics (excluding all parts and accessories not fastened to the shell such as the cover, performance kit and spa pack) making the replacement part available to the consumer for collection from Jacuzzi Europe S.p.A. The work and related transport, unloading/assembly, fitting and installation costs, as well as the dismantling, removal and disposal costs for the replaced damaged product shall be borne exclusively by the consumer.

10) This Additional Support warranty does not cover conformity defects deriving from causes not attributable to Jacuzzi such as scratches, cuts and marks on the product not contested within the terms and conditions required by law; incorrect and/or careless performance of standard product maintenance; improper or non-compliant use of the product with respect to what is stated in the Jacuzzi Documentation or in violation of the technical and/or safety measures required in the country in which the product is used by the laws, regulations and customs in force in the same; malfunctions of the product or parts of the same caused by use of temperatures or pressures other than those specified in the Jacuzzi Documentation; damage caused by prolonged product exposure to the sun (for example alterations to the colour or coating); damage caused by moving the product in a manner that is non-compliant with the Jacuzzi Documentation or from a product support base which is not suitable or compliant with the above Jacuzzi Documentation; faults of any kind that are not attributable to product manufacturing defects.

11) Also not covered by the warranty are: damage caused by non-use of the product; lost profits and any type of indirect or consequential damages; damage caused by the use of accessories/spare parts that are not original Jacuzzi products; consumables and parts subject to normal ageing or wear and tear caused by use or non-use of the product; damage caused by extreme weather (such as lightning, earthquakes or fires) or other phenomena that do not depend on normal product operation; damage caused by the type of water used (e.g. too hard, soft or acidic) or by impurities in the water (dirt, debris, etc.) or use of cleaning products, bathroom products and/or toiletries in general that are unsuitable and/or do not comply with the Jacuzzi Documentation; any deformities in the colour/look of the product shell which may arise following work performed on the product under warranty by an authorised Jacuzzi technician.

12) Any requests made and any repairs or replacements carried out during the period in which the Additional Support is in force shall not extend the duration of the original Additional Support warranty.The warranty cannot be in any way suspended or extended if the product is not used.

13) After the period of validity specified in point 3, the Additional Support warranty shall be void and all support requests shall be carried out charging the consumer the cost of the replaced parts and materials, as well as the labour and transport costs, according to the rates applied by authorised Jacuzzi technical service centres.

14) The user shall lose the right to benefit from this Additional Support warranty if he/she performs repairs, replacements or alterations to the product (including removing trademarks, logos or serial numbers), or if he/she modifies the product or its components and/or parts with respect to the original supply conditions, or if he/she allows a technician from outside the network of authorised Jacuzzi technical service centres to perform any of the above tasks.

15) Jacuzzi declines all liability for any damage/injury to people, property or animals, which may directly or indirectly derive from a failure to observe all of the requirements stated in Jacuzzi Documentation.