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working out in water

20 April 2017

Benefits from working out in water

Training is always a good idea, but sometimes it can be difficult to train in the street or at the gym, especially for those who suffer pain in the joints or those looking to lose weight. Training in water is an ideal solution to achieve the maximum benefit with the smallest effort.

Working out in water offers a broad range of activities that allow you to perform aerobic exercises in the water. In the case of the Aquagym or Hydrobike, they arise from very common disciplines practised on land but done in the water. Why choosing work-out in water?

It reduces the pressure on the joints

Density of water decreases the stress on muscle attachments, this is a significant benefit that training into water brings to those who suffer from pathologies like arthritis, or for the elderly, for who struggles overweight, or pregnant women who can’t exert their joints. Other than this, it also enables a quicker and easier recovery of the motor skills after an injury.

Increases the speed of results

The friction provoked by water makes the practice more effective since the muscular effort rises, and can double the effects of the same exercise on land. At the same time, whilst soaked in water, the perception of work is lower and, thanks to the friction, the risk of injury - like pulled muscles - significantly decrease.

It improves the cardiovascular system

The water pressure on the lower part of the body reduces the cardiac strain, because it facilitates the bloodstream towards the heart, reactivates the circulation and attenuates the swelling. In addition, exercising in the pool enables the heart to pump more blood at each heartbeat, strengthening the heart muscle and reducing the risk of heart attack.

The physical training in water is appropriate for all and it’s a natural way to stay fit and burn calories. It is a pleasant activity, because the act itself of diving into water produces a calming effect in the whole body and helps to decrease stress and increase physical energy.


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