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bring out your sense this spring

24 April 2017

It’s spring, bring out your senses with the aromatherapy

The smell is one of the senses that most influences the mood, and a good perfume is able to awake different sensations and emotions in our brain. The aromatherapy, which often, in wellness centres it is accompanied by other types of therapies, is essentially based on this principle: the inhalation of specific smells and scents to positively influence the physical and mental perceptions.

Spring aromatherapy

Spring is the season of good cheer because temperatures are milder and more time is spent in the open air where nature diffuses flower fragrances which have a positive effect on our spirit. Of course those who suffer from allergies will not share the same opinion, but for this, there is a solution: the natural essential oils are extracts of aromas from plants, and they not only give off the perfume in their most genuine shape, but some can also help to fight the symptoms of allergies.

In relation to the type of plant and its fragrance, the therapeutic effects of essential oils are various: lavender for example has calming and relaxing properties, mint is balsamic and refreshing, and bergamot is a perfect anti-stress effect, whereas lemon produces an energizing action.

The choice of the essential oil

The choice of the essential oil to use during the aromatherapy depends on the goal one wants to achieve: athletes for instance choose fragrances that help to increase the productivity and physical performance, meanwhile those who conduct an intense and stressful life at work, might find relief enjoying calming essences that help in controlling anxiety.

The preference is naturally derived from personal taste: everyone has their favourite fragrance, which brings back nice memories and creates unconscious neural connections. Perhaps, because it recalls reassuring and comfortable sensations linked to a moment in the past, or maybe because it reminds to the brain of atmospheres of exotic places and natural environments. Or just simply because one finds it pleasant.

Aromatherapy and wellness treatments

A nice fragrance can donate an energetic and positive power, which is the ideal during spring to awake the body after the winter.

The choice of combining aromatherapy with other types of wellness treatments like hot tubs, saunas or steam baths, can turn out to be an intense regenerating experience. The experience of water or steam combined with aromatic natural essences, allowing you to close the eyes to be suddenly transported into another dimension.


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