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27 November 2015

Lake Louise Legends

Lake Louise is a beautiful reality, but there are also some legends... The most famous is the one about Big Foot, also known as a Yeti or Sasquatch. Some say it is alive and well in Banff National Park, but the ape-like creature remains elusive and no one can prove its existence. Yet some claim to have encountered Big Foot... But Does it really exist? No one can say for sure, but many skiers claim to have seen it in the woods near Lake Louise.

The ski slopes of Lake Louise, one of the most beautiful in North America, are absolutely real: 139 marked ski runs and back bowls on four mountain faces. It is no coincidence that Lake Louise is the only Canadian stop of the World Cup. And real are also many fine restaurants in Lake Louise to hang out after a day of skiing: one of the most appreciated is the Post Hotel & Spa: intimate, warm, familiar. The Whitehorn Bistro is a classic mountain restaurant, here you can find fabulous burgers and steaks.

Love yourself, love Lake Louise, love the best moment of the day.


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