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11 January 2016

The new MyWay bath

MyWay 170 and 180 bathtubs are the perfect solution for every type of bathroom. With 5 adjustable TargetPro™ jets and 3 rotational jets the MyWay will give to users a hydromassage that’s targeted to legs and feet, to improve blood circulation and achieve a state of relaxation that would not be reached in any other way. Experience shows that the support for the head is sometimes an issue, but MyWay solves the problem with an integrated polyurethane gel headrest providing a comfortable place to rest your head and integrated armrests on the MyWay 180 deliver additional comfort.

Ambience is created through Cromodream® lighting which delivers coloured sequences that help to invigorate and relax you further through a heightened visual experience.

MyWay allows great customization with coloured panels and can be installed into a built-in, centrally positioned, corner or back to the wall installation and it’s available in a left hand or right hand configuration.

With MyWay the Jacuzzi dream comes true in your home.


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