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Pro Link

03 March 2016

ProLink™ App

Controlling your Jacuzzi hot tub from anywhere is not a dream, but a reality with the ProLink™ App.

ProLink™ lets you use your iOS or Android device to turn jets on or off, set your hot tub’s water temperature and schedule maintenance operations. The remote monitoring app also allows you to adjust your spa’s lights, review your owner’s manual, and can alert both you and your local dealership of any service needs.

Use the ProLink™ App to heat up your hot tub on your way home from work, or set it to vacation mode to reduce energy consumption while you’re away. The app also helps make water care and maintenance worry-free so you can concentrate on enjoying your hot tub and you can also lock your spa while you’re away to keep both your kids and your spa safe.

The ProLink™ App provides convenience, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your Jacuzzi Hot Tub.

Visit Google Play or the iTunes App Store to download the app and enjoy the best moment of the day!