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07 December 2015

Sasha: a real wellness centre in just 8 square metres

Sauna, shower, hammam: three words meaning relaxation, luxury, wellness and therefore synonymous for the Jacuzzi® experience. All of this has a name: Sasha. The Sasha range integrates a luxury shower cabin, steam room and sauna designed for any space, style or functionality, from the largest to the smallest room, from a hotel leisure area to the home.

This all in one spa experience with Tepidarium, Hammam, and Caldarium technologies has been designed to expel toxins and strengthen the immune system. With ten possible combinations of steam shower cabins, steam showers and saunas you can have the spa experience without even leaving home.

The concept of sauna has ancient origins, but now in the world when you say 'sauna' our thoughts go to countries of Northern Europe, Finland in particular. But also in Sweden saunas are in many houses...

The Sasha range also offers flexibility within each element; there are three choices of sauna to suit your needs - Finnish, Roman & Bio whilst the shower and steam room also offer different settings to give you more choice. Chromodream Lighting and Bluetooth technology are the finishing touches to make this the most relaxing of environments you could possibly imagine.

Sauna use may temporarily relieve symptoms of the common cold, it increases the heat tolerance threshold and may improve performance in endurance sport. Sauna has also shown usefulness for appetite loss and mild depression. It has also been recommended for reducing symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. All true. Our customers know that the sauna is not only used to recovery, but also to make life exciting and beautiful.


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